What makes Rhino Boats the best….

  • All Rhino Boat hulls are manufactured from .125 marine grade 5052 aluminum.
  • All Rhino Boats are 100% wood free.
  • All Rhino Boat hardware is stainless steel.
  • All Rhino Boat wiring is under the floor through PVC channels.
  • All Rhino Boat wiring is double jacketed.
  • All Rhino Boat floors have marine grade vinyl or outdoor carpet.
  • All Rhino Boats have a double-welded hull – NO RIVETS, no leaks.
  • All Rhino Boats are constructed with closed-cell foam for level flotation.
  • All Rhino Boats have a 10 Year transferable structural hull warranty.

If you could look under the floor on one of our Rhino Boats, you would see something like the picture below. We only use aluminum with 2 inch channel reinforcements in our hulls. You would see absolutely no wood and no rivets. All aluminum is securely welded.

This construction makes Rhino Boats extremely sturdy and reliable. No trick photography here folks, that really is a vehicle parked on the boat. These boats are really tough!

Still others like to push the envelope! This one was reported to weigh just over 10,000 pounds. The boat is fishing today unharmed!